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Professional Audio Designs offers a wide variety of services detailed below. This is but a basic summary of what we can offer you. We understand each and every project is unique and tailor our services accordingly.

Architectural Acoustics Analysis
Consulting & Design
Service & Maintenance
Product Development

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The earlier we’re contacted, the more effective we can be at helping you plan your budget. In the long-term, this will save you time and money.

Architectural Acoustics Analysis

Our acousticians will provide a report on the acoustic treatments necessary for your environment and application. The recommendations made will be based on the architecture of your space, what you will use your it for, a 3D acoustical simulation model, and our 30 years of experience in our field.

Not all applications are created equal. Rooms used for live symphonies will have unique requirements over the same architectural environment used for contemporary worship services. Likewise, an office space used for conference calls will have unique, specific acoustical requirements compared to general purpose office space. Our report will be tailored to your needs.

Consulting & Design

Joint Forces Op Center - EOC - wireframe

From preconstruction design/development through final system commissioning, Professional Audio Designs is committed to providing elegant, integrated solutions that blend into the environment in which they are installed

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. We offer both AutoCAD documentation as well as Revit BIM (Building Information Modeling) services.

Your trust in Professional Audio Designs as your audio, video, and acoustics design professional will be met with a smooth project design and installation. We will save you at least as much as our consulting fee and then some by:

  • Designing an appropriate solution for your application
  • Minimizing change orders
  • Coordinating with your other construction trades
  • Helping you facilitate an “apples-to-apples” competitive bid process
  • Planning infrastructure for your future needs


Altria Theater - Richmond, VA

Our installation team will make certain your project goes off without a hitch. While our service area is primarily the Midwest, our team is frequently dispatched across the United States and occasionally worldwide. Professional Audio Designs is a leader in installing state-of-the-art systems requiring complex coordination throughout the construction process.



A thorough system testing and tuning may be the difference between your installation being plagued with problems or having flawless performance. Tuning in particular is as much an art as it is a science. Let our engineers test, certify, and tune your system to ensure you’re getting the most mileage out of the investments you’ve made into your facilities.

Service & Maintenance

Mission-critical applications require quick turnarounds on repairs and system troubleshooting. Our team of technicians is equipped with the tools and expertise to diagnose even the most obscure performance issues in A/V systems. Give us a call today and we’ll get to the bottom of your issues.

Looking for routine maintenance of your systems? Ask us about our service contract options and we’ll come up with a plan for minimizing downtime of your systems and keeping them running at optimal performance. We structure our agreements to minimize the time spent working out billing so you can remain focused on your work and so we can get right down to business when our service technicians arrive at your site.

Product Development

Professional Audio Designs offers product development feedback to manufacturers as they refine their product offerings for our industry. Our insights are fully comprehensive as we represent the interests of consultants, installers, design/build integrators, and salespeople. Contact us for more information on how we can collaborate with you as a manufacturer, product manager, and sales force to strengthen your brand.


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